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Leiter Reports
Certain Doubts
PEA Soup
Treatise & Enquiries (citation tool)
Problems from Wilfrid Sellars
American Philosophical Association
Philosophical Gourmet Report
Huntington Library Home
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Epistemology Page
The Philosophers Magazine

Square of Opposition

Philosophy of Mind

The Extended Mind (Chalmers)

Papers and E-texts:
Locke's Essay
Essays by Michel de Montaigne
McMaster University Archive for the History of Economic Thought
Essays in Philosophy: A Biannual Journal
Philosophers' Imprint
The Harvard Review of Philosophy
Philosophy of Science Archive Front Page
InteLex Corporation Home Page
Probabilistic Thinking
The International Directory of On-line Philosophy Papers
Online Papers (Blog version)
Individuals with online papers in philosophy
Responding to Skepticism - Keith DeRose
publications by Daniel Dennett and other Center Associates
Electronic Text Center -- University of Virginia
The Pierre Bayle Home Page
The Internet Classics Archive 441 searchable works of classical literature



NOESIS: Philosophical Research On-Line

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Feiser's effort)
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Suber)

Book Reviews



Cognitive Science
Book Reviews - Mind and Machines (Instructions for authors)
Elsevier Science - Login
Cognitive Science Society
Cognitive Science at Oxford
Cognitive Science Academy at UNCC
The Magical Number Seven
Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archive
Hal's Legacy
Welcome to Neuroscience-Net
MIT Encylopedia of Cognitive Science
HTML Math Overview
LISP Primer
Franz Inc:Home Page
UCLA Cognitive Science Program
Cognitive Science at Georgia Tech
IU Cognitive Science program
Mind/Brain Resources
'Virtual Humans' Raise Legal Issues And Primal Fears
Harnad E-Print Archive and Psycoloquy and BBS Journal Archives
Zombies on the web
London Chess Center
Interesting AI Demos and Projects
Alan Turing Internet Scrapbook: A Java Turing Machine
Brain & Behavior
Professor Ned Block
Loebner Prize Home Page
Scientific American: Explorations: Debunking the Digital Brain: 2/97
Scientific American Explorations Archive
Scientific American Exploration: Chess: 4/97
The Future of the Turing Test
index to the Brain Project
The McGurk Effect
The Joy of Visual Perception
CNBC Summer Training Program
SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
A Field Guide to the Philosophy of Mind
Edge 59

Alan Turing - Home Page
John McCarthy
Gary Hatfield
Ronnie de Sousa's home page.

Statistics for Cognitive Science

Table of Contents for the Statistics Tutorial
Statistics Help, Northwestern Psychology
Psychological Statistics at SMSU
Introductory Statistics- Concepts, Models, and Applications, First Edition
Psych 240 online lectures

News and Journals

The Chronicle of Higher Education
BBC News | Front Page | front page
NPR Online- National Public Radio
New York Times Quick Read
CyberTimes Index
CyberTimes Navigator
The Book Review Contents
Current Movies
Mind & Machine
Los Angeles Times Front Page News
The Washington Post
The Village Voice
Welcome to Times Newspapers Ltd. Internet Space
BYTE Magazine
National Geographic Online
iWORLD: Internet News and Resources
Muse Magazine
Scientific American
Welcome to
Salon Magazine
The Salt Lake Tribune -- Utah's Statewide NewspaperComputerworld Home
Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
Salon Site Guide
Internet Scout Project - Home 
Newspapers Online

Search Engines

Alta Vista
All-in-One Search Page
Northern Light
Search Argos
Search engine list from Valdosta State
Switchboard: Find a Person
Switchboard: Search By Name - White Pages - United States
Research-It! - Your one-stop reference desk
WhoWhere? E-mail Addresses
WebCrawler Select: New Sites This Week


Stroud's CWSApps List - 32-bit Apps Main Menu
Stroud's CWSApps List - Main Menu
Julianne's Background Textures
Windows 98 Annoyances - Setting up Internet Connection Sharing

Occidental College

Course Counts
Occidental Home Page

Program Review Committee


Registrar: Faculty Resources
Computer Center: Faculty
Document Delivery Services
Audio-Visual On-Line
United Educators
American Association of University Professors

Web Stuff

MERLOT Home Page
ConnecText Catalog: A Registry for Online Textbooks
Window Spawning and Remotes: Launching a Window with HTML - Doc JavaScript
Matt's Script Archive: WWWBoard
JavaScript Archives
Online Workshops
Index of /oxy/graphics/
WebCom - Publishing on the Web
Welcome to the WWW!
Usenet News via WWW
Microsoft in Higher Education
Discussion Lists: Mailing List Manager Commands
NetscapeWorld - Calling Java Applets from JavaScript - May 1997
Awards for the Integration of Research and Education Solicitation
Amaya Overview

Menu Builder
Doc JavaScript - JavaScript Tutorials, JavaScript Tips, and JavaScript Tools

Internet Open Records Project

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