Support Mt. Waterman!

Mt. Waterman has been the hidden gem of Southern California skiing for generations. It was the second ski area in the United States to install a chair lift, and countless children have learned to ski "on top,"  and became the expert skiiers who, as adults, would gracefully descend through the powder and trees of Cynthia's, Robyn's, Gene's, and everthing in between and beyond.

With the mountain facing an uncertain future, we, the patrollers of Mt. Waterman wish to cultivate a list of the friends of Mt. Waterman - patrons and patrollers alike who remember the great history of the mountain and wish to see this great winter recreational resource available to future generations. If you are among the friends of Mt. Waterman, please fill out out the brief online form. We will use this information only as a way of providing updates to you, and for presenting data to the Forest Service and other decision-making bodies at the appropriate time. Will will not release any personal information to any commercial entity.