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Patrol Update for the post -2003 -2004 Ski Season

On Christmas Day, 2003, Mountain management informed the Mt. Waterman Ski Patrol that it did not have plans to operate the resort for skiing and snowboarding during the 2003-2004 season, regardless of the snow pack.  The area had not certified its lifts for operation.  Without lift certification, the area does not have a permit to operate as a ski resort.

In January, 2004, the patrol was informed that management was taking steps to certify lifts 1 and 2, and they requested the help of the patrol on the hill for preparation of the lifts and other facilities. Over several weekends, the patrol has made itself available, but weather, safety, and insurance concerns limit the extent to which patrol can participate in these activities.

By March we were in the winter weather cycle. There was an excellent snowpack on Mt. Waterman. It was as skiable as ever. But the lifts were not certified, and the area did not have a permit to operate from the Forest Service.  The snow phone was dead, so patrons could not get any information from management.

It wasn't until the season was OVER that chair 1 was certified for operation. We understand that the mountain will operate for sightseeing and mountain biking this summer.

The members of the Mt. Waterman Ski Patrol have no information about the long term prospects for the reopening of the Mt. Waterman resort, but we are committed to assisting those who value this hidden gem of a ski area and respect its place in the history of skiing in the United States. Waterman patrollers are keeping in shape and are honing their patrolling skills by helping out at other resorts and by participating in regional patrolling training events.

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